Catch the Fishing Bug with us Valdez, Alaska Saltwater Fishing Charters

It’s hard to imagine a more stunning fishing trip than running the length of Prince William Sound, past hundreds of islands, ice bergs, and glaciers to reach the Gulf of Alaska. Our brand new, state of the art, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran will get you there much quicker and more smoothly than ever possible before. The Gulf of Alaska has some of the best multi-species fishing anywhere in Alaska. Most trips will catch 5-10 species of fish, including the giant and tasty halibut.

We specialize in guided world-class halibut, rockfish and salmon charters. Whether it's one of our ocean charters or river trips, we work hard to get you out to where the fish are.

Halibut are the main target on trips to the Gulf. BIG Halibut. A really nice one is 80-100# and a 200 pounder is the fish of a lifetime. 300 and even 400 pounders are out there but are much more rare. If halibut fishing is slow, there are always a multitude of other species to keep you busy while waiting on the big guy to bite. Ling cod in the 20-60# range are very common. There are at least a dozen species of rock fish in a variety of different colors and all are delicious eating. Millions of salmon return to Prince William Sound. Occasionally we will even tangle with a big salmon shark!

Our new boat, is purpose built to make the long run to the Gulf of Alaska faster and smoother than ever possible before. Most of the “fast" charter boats running out of Alaska harbors cruise at 25-28 knots. The Ditty Bug will cruise at 35 knots without even working hard. This means up to two more hours fishing, depending on the destination. The hydrofoil lifts the hulls almost out of the water so there is much less surface area to jar the hull (and passengers). It also means a smoother transition into big waves.

Trips will leave Valdez at 6:00 am daily and return around 6:00 pm. All residents age 18 or older and non-residents 16 or older will need to have a valid Alaska Sport Fishing License in hand prior to your trip. These licenses can be purchased at most sporting good stores and grocery stores in Alaska or can be purchased online at and printed out prior to your trip. Please bring rain gear and a lunch. All fishing gear and bait is provided.

Maximum number of seats available per day on the Ditty Bug is six (6)

Full day halibut and rockfish charter (May 1 - 31)    $350/day

Full day halibut and rockfish charter (June 1 - Aug 31)    $400/day

Half day silver salmon charter (limited days in Aug only*)    $250/day

Overnight Gulf of Alaska (Double limits, 36hrs, 4-6 fishermen)    $5,000 boat

* Contact us by email if interested in a Silver Salmon trip