Catch the Fishing Bug with us Fishing Bug Charters Boats

The new boat will be named the “Ditty Bug”. There is a significant reason behind our vessel's unique name and purple color. She was built and named in honor of our late daughter Addie who went by the nickname of Ditty Bug. She adored going on Daddy's boats, fishing, and all things outdoors. After drawing up the Fishing Bug logo with the big, nasty looking fish, we thought it looked a bit ominous. We can't imagine a more fitting way to tame it than having it conquered by the little Bug.

The Ditty Bug is a brand new state of the art, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran. Two steel foils attached to the bottom act as wings allowing the vessel to sit higher in the water when cruising. All of this translates to a faster, more comfortable ride for you.

Our river boats include two shallow draft jet boats with specialized bottoms that allow them to safely slide over gravel bars, rocks and logs. These boats allow us convenient access to the most popular tributaries in the Copper River Valley as well as a few totally remote rivers. We run these rivers more than anyone in Alaska and are the ONLY guide service operating boats on a couple of the tributaries.

Our Rafts are 13' whitewater style NRS rafts. Rafts allow for an extra level of adventure, a quiet trip, a slightly lower cost fishing trip. We offer custom raft trips to many out of the way places. If you have an idea, run it by us.